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Adventure in Colorado…where to begin?


Whether it’s hiking within the almost 4 million acres of wilderness, mountain biking some of the 5,000 miles of singletrack, road biking on some of the country’s most scenic byways, paddling or fly fishing one of the hundreds of wild rivers or enjoying jaw-dropping scenery from horseback or behind a camera lens, there’s something for every type of outdoor enthusiast in Colorado.


With 42 Colorado State Parks, 12 national parks and monuments, 13 national forests and grasslands and 58 14ers (peaks that rise more than 14,000 feet above sea level), there are thousands of miles of scenic hiking trails to explore in the Colorado high country.


When the snow melts, mountain biking takes over as the most popular activity in Colorado’s mountain towns.


The Centennial State is a haven for fat tire aficionados with singletrack varying from the smooth and flowy to the technical and steep rides.


Home to some of the world's most scenic high-altitude roads, Colorado is a road cycling paradise. Cruise along empty byways or test your lung’s limits attempting the state’s high mountain passes.


From scenic, relaxing floats to heart-pounding whitewater paddles, Colorado’s rafting opportunities span the adrenalin spectrum.


Whether it’s for an afternoon or several days, a whitewater rafting trip offers a unique and intimate look at some of the state’s most beautiful natural areas.

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Moving through the mountains to a horse’s rhythmic gait is an experience unlike any other. From the saddle, you’re more likely to see wildlife or scenery you might have missed on a mountain bike or in a Jeep.


Whether it’s participating in an authentic cattle drive or sightseeing on a spectacular trail, Colorado’s high country was meant for horseback riding.


Covered in peaks, canyons and rock formations, it’s easy to find world-class rock climbing opportunities in Colorado.


From vertical canyon walls above roaring rivers to red sandstone formations to 14,000-foot peaks, rock climbers can choose the crag of their dreams, each with a reward of awe-inspiring views.


With lakes, rivers and whitewater parks, there’s enough water in landlocked Colorado to satisfy any paddler. First-time stand-up paddlers can get the hang of the sport in a calm reservoir, while experienced boaters can tackle Class 5 whitewater in raging spring run-off.


The extensive and scenic Colorado River is home to some of the state’s best whitewater runs, perfect for any age group or skill level.


Thousands of miles of rivers, streams and lakes make the Centennial State an angling nirvana.


Gold Medal Waters, like the Fryingpan River that runs through Basalt, beckon fly fisherman from all over the world come to reel in quick-darting trout while soaking in the mountainous landscape that’s sure to inspire.


More than 450 different species of birds make their home in Colorado, where lone falcons share the sky with droves of tiny white-throated swifts and owls snooze inside hollowed trees.

The Colorado Birding Trail includes 40 trails with more than 800 sites where you can explore Colorado and view watchable wildlife.


In a state with so much geographic diversity, the wildlife viewing opportunities are infinite. The Rocky Mountain ecosystem includes bighorn sheep, black bears, mountain goats, elk, moose and more.

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